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The profession practice exam (Prometric), especially in the Gulf countries, is a necessary condition to be able to join the work. So it was necessary to prepare well for this exam, which is a challenge for the future of the doctor, so we help you to be qualified to pass this exam.

Our Courses

We divide the Prometric Track into logical sub-courses for ease of study and achievement, as a curriculum for gynecology, obstetrics ,contraception ,statistics and ethics up to the necessary revisions for more exercises.

Enjoy Learning

The explanation for all the lectures is characterized by the ease of communicating the information, and the question models are available in all the videos so that the doctor is able to pass the exam without the need for another preparation period.

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How to Apply

The course is fully recorded videos, and there will be interaction with the lecturer by asking questions in the WhatsApp group. To register and subscribe through the WhatsApp number:

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